SWRMC Completes Local ASTM G-67 Testing

SAN DIEGO (NNS) — Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (SWRMC) successfully completed the first aluminum alloy degradation (ASTM G-67) test on Jan. 4, after receiving authorization to perform the testing locally in August.

The ASTM G-67 testing process is a standard test method for determining the susceptibility of certain aluminum alloys to cracking. The testing method involves exposing a piece of aluminum – in most cases, from a ship or ship’s system – to nitric acid. The results will show if the aluminum is degraded and susceptible to damage.

“Getting certified to perform this testing has been a long process for SWRMC,” said Capt. David Hart, SWRMC’s commanding officer. “We are very proud of our team for persisting on this course and providing this capability to the Fleet locally. The resulting decreased turn-around time to get much needed information to the maintenance teams will contribute to the on time delivery of U.S. Navy surface ships from maintenance availabilities.”

The ASTM G-67 testing is very important to ships that use aluminum, as it ensures early and accurate identification of material degradation. By identifying sensitized aluminum locally, the correct weld repair procedures can be invoked to ensure effective and efficient repairs are conducted in a timely manner.

SWRMC’s Engineering Department has been working towards this certification for four years. Through training, testing and communication with Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division (NSWCCD) Bethesda, they were able to obtain certification from Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Surface Ship Design and Systems Engineering Division.

“The Engineering Department’s initiative to achieve certification for local ASTM G-67 testing is demonstrative of our dedication to the Fleet,” said SWRMC Engineering Department Head Chris Pollard. “By identifying this improvement in our testing capabilities, our team has shown we are an organization the Navy can depend on.”

Prior to achieving this certification, SWRMC maintenance teams would send samples to NSWCCD Bethesda for testing. This, at times, led to increased costs and schedule delays.

SWRMC’s mission is to provide superior ship maintenance, modernization, technical support and training for the Pacific Fleet.


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