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The Air Force Health, Readiness, and Optimism program, or HeRO, is an initiative designed to improve the quality of life of Airmen across the force.

The 15th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron’s HeRO Team uses data from the 15th Medical Group Health Promotion to identify negative health habits and make plans on how to best help Airmen.

“We brief the commander on the HeRO report which consists of areas focusing on sleep, nutrition, physical activity, and other lifestyle choices,” said Arletta Thompson, 15th MDG Health Promotion coordinator. “With this data, we can see what the squadron looks like as a whole and where the problem areas are.”

The 15th AMXS HeRO Team provides Airmen with resources and programs they may not be aware of pertaining to certain health and lifestyle issues such as classes offered by the 15th MDG and workplace improvement efforts.

“It was going great, but then COVID-19 hit,” said Staff…

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