Research Analyst II

Fort Meade, MD, United States
Integrated Modern Engineering

Research Analyst Level II

Location: Ft. Meade, MD

Clearance: Current Top Secret Clearance with SCI

Research Analyst Analysis Support: The Research Analyst II shall provide Research Analyst Analysis Support services as follows:

Provide research and analysis of existing and emerging threats and vulnerabilities to the Army Commanders and their Staff.

Provide recommendations regarding the management, coordination, and development operations and training executed by the Detachment on a daily basis. AOSD missions provide external Operations Security (OPSEC) support to Army Units, both within the continental United States (CONUS) and outside the continental United States (OCONUS).These missions provide advice and assistance to commanders on the threats to and vulnerabilities of their static base operations, training exercises, and operational deployments.

Analyze and develop recommendations regarding the Operations Calendar to ensure requirements levied are executable against current tasks to ensure there are no conflicts, and training requirements are synced with operations.

Conduct analysis and provide reports on personnel operations tempo to Government Team/Branch/Division Chiefs.

Provide analysis of finalized products, including Damage Assessments, Threat Assessments, and OPSEC Assessments to supported organizations.

Monitor and disseminate all operations orders received from higher headquarters and ensure completion of all required administrative tasks and Army mandatory training.

Conduct analysis and provide recommendations to the commander on the training readiness of the unit.

Analyze and compare unit compliance with all Army Requirement (AR) 350-1 training requirements, and additional requirements levied by the higher headquarters and the unit commander.

Provide analysis of trends within the Battalion for use in future planning and efficiency improvement. Provide recommendations for the scheduling of training events. Process requests for training for all Detachment personnel.

Maintain a training calendar for Government and Contractor.

Maintain training files for Government and Contractor personnel.

Analyze and report the status of required training across the detachment.

Analyze and provide recommendations for the coordination of resources for training and in the unit’s knowledge management processes.

Provide actual versus planned task expenditures, technical progress made, schedule status, travel conducted, meetings attended, issues, and recommendations.

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