Navy Announces Updates to Sea Shore Flow

WASHINGTON (NNS) — The Navy announced updates to the sea and shore tour lengths affecting Sailors in 47 ratings in NAVADMIN 274/19.

The adjustment to the long-standing enlisted career management policy, known as Sea Shore Flow (SSF), impacts more than 50,000 Sailors.  While 20 ratings will see longer sea tours, 22 ratings will see shortened sea tours and seven ratings will be assigned longer shore tours.  

Master-at-arms and religious program specialists will convert from an INside US / OUTside the US (INUS/OUTUS) rotation to Sea/Shore rotation and cryptologic technician (interpretive) ratings will follow SSF for the first time.  Information about specific rates can be found on the MyNAVY Portal (MNP) website.

The Navy is transitioning from the long-standing assignment rotation-centric view of SSF to a more agile career-centric approach.  This transparency gives our Sailors the flexibility they need for effective career management, as #MyNAVYHR continues delivering Sailor 2025 and transforming our personnel system.

“This was a necessary adjustment to ensure that we have the right people in the right billets to maintain our operational readiness across the Fleet,” said Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. John B. Nowell, Jr.

SSF not only helps the Navy prepare for today and tomorrow’s fight, but also outlines the number of months a Sailor can expect on their first sea tour, first shore tour, and every other tour in their 30-year career.

Sailors within 12 months of their planned rotation date (PRD) will not be affected by this updated policy.  Those outside of their 12 month window will have their PRDs adjusted in their electronic record and their detailing window will also shift based on the new PRD requirement. 

This policy update is in line with the #MyNAVYHR goals of manning the fleet and developing a 21st century fighting force that is focused on Sailor readiness and their Families’ welfare.  The #MyNAVYHR team strives to modernize policies while challenging traditional processes to ensure an effective system of personnel management.

Reach out to your command career counselor to learn more.

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