May 2023 > Air Force > Article Display

May 2023 > Air Force > Article Display


These past few years have seen major changes throughout our Air Force – with more on the way. As we continue to adapt, innovate and re-design our service, we must also continue to deliberately develop and challenged ourselves and each other. We must continue to grow and refine the skills that will allow us to shape our Air Force into what our nation needs. 

I’m excited to share four new books, and two podcasts that will help develop the Airmen of today into the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Airmen remain the greatest competitive advantage we have over any adversary or pacing challenge. I’m honored to serve alongside you.

Aim High –


Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force




 Dare to Lead

Dare to Lead by Brené Brown is a book about the power of vulnerability and courage in leadership. Brown argues that the best leaders are those who are willing to be vulnerable…

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