Maintenance Specialist

St. Louis, MO, USA
Anheuser-Busch Employess’ Credit Union

Maintenance Specialist

The Maintenance Specialist ensures that all company offices and facilities are kept in good repair and functioning properly by overseeing or performing periodic inspections and upkeep/repairs to buildings, facilities,and equipment. Oversees custodial staff, groundskeepers, and other service providers needed to ensure all facilities are maintained and functioning properly to enhance the appearance and productivity of the company.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

-Responsible for the operation of any assigned company owned vehicles and arranges for regular maintenance. Cuts grass, trims weeds, digs flower beds and plants flowers on local Credit Union property. Empties trash/recycle cans and consolidates trash/recycle for pickup. Repairs parking lot and sidewalks with asphalt, cold patching materials, and concrete.

-Opens and closes facility, including securing doors and setting alarms. Oversees maintenance, service and repairs on Credit Union vehicles. Supports department with transporting supplies, running errands and acting as backup on various department duties.

-Keeps an inventory of supplies and materials needed for maintenance/repairs and maintains a spreadsheet for each office’s fixed assets. Maintains an annual budget for maintenance and fixed equipment replacement. Replaces worn or damaged parts such as hoses, wiring, and belts, in machines and equipment such as truck, riding mower, and power tools.

-Maintains and repairs buildings’ plumbing, electrical systems, and HVAC including replacing worn or defective parts. Assists other departments with moving furniture and unloading and storing supplies. Maintains vending machines, including ordering, filling, and collecting money. Operates snow removal equipment to maintain parking lots and sidewalks.

-Receives written work orders or verbal instructions from supervisor and utilizes system for work orders.

-Inspects branches, obtains information and bids leading to contracts with and oversees custodial, groundskeepers, and other service providers needed for the buildings/facilities.

-Coordinates and or assists with special projects. Maintains and works off of the master list of …read more

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